It’s amazing what can be found on google earth or from simply utilizing modern technology to your advantage. Like the giant face structure found on Google Earth in Antarctica, or the man who claims you can see him being abducted by aliens on google earth. Or how about the sunken alien bases discovered on google earth. Whatever it is, where there’s a will, there’s a google earth way.

A circular structure has been found in the ocean off the coast of Peru and many people are claiming it to be a UFO as it’s disc-like shape is too perfect for nature to have such precise design.

A circular shape on the seafloor visible on Google Earth is raising cries of “UFO,” but chances are … well, we don’t know. That’s up for you to decide.

The sighting comes from Scott Waring, UFO enthusiast and researcher. Also the discoverer of objects that he claims “100% proof” of ancient aliens. He’s also pursues many of the photographs from NASA’s rovers, and since then he has claimed to find everything from a monkey on Mars to the 24-foot-tall (7.3 meters) body of a Martian monarch killed in battle 1 million years ago. Where he comes up with these claims is unknown.

Upping the UFO tale even further, the shape circular, disc-like and is located off the coast, sort of close to Peru’s Nazca Lines, a series of massive geoglyphs built by the Nazca people almost 2,000 years ago. These lines are a common point of discussion for UFO Enthusiasts, who sometimes claim aliens were may have been involved in their construction. 

So, what did Waring really find? A circle, about 4.2 miles in diameter, visible about 352 miles off the coast of Lima, the capital of Peru. The circle appears to rise from the seafloor like a hill or mountain, but in a perfect disc-like shape.

Just Wait Until The Square Footage Of This UFO is Calculated:

The thing is, a UFO that is 4.2 miles in diameter would be 1.5 BILLION square feet in size. Take a look at the square footage calculator results from a 4.2 mile wide diameter UFO:

To put this into context this would be the size of a professional NFL football stadium housing 100,000+ people X 1,000!!! Essentially, too big to actually comprehend.

So the question then becomes was there really a UFO this big or was it simply a coincidence that this perfect disc-shaped image was found on the oceans floor with google earth?

If it’s not a UFO, what makes the shape so perfect? Could it be something else? Can UFO’s even be this big?

It’s tough to say what it actually is. Strange shapes can often appear for many reasons on the ocean floor in Google Earth. Google uses data from multiple sources to map out the seafloor for google earth. These sources can have different resolutions, or levels of details within them, and when they are stitched together, strange shapes such as this may appear.

What do you think? Do you think this is an ancient UFO ship? Possibly the biggest one ever built that crashed or was covered by the ocean in Peru?

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