According to a recent scientific hypothesis, our Sun may have formed in the company of a massive companion star nicknamed Nemesis, which could have played a role in shaping the solar system’s evolution and causing mass extinctions on Earth.

The Nemesis theory proposes that about 4.6 billion years ago, the Sun and Nemesis were born as binary stars in a cluster of thousands of young stars. However, due to their close gravitational interaction, Nemesis was eventually kicked out of the cluster and sent into the outer reaches of the Solar System, where it continues to orbit in a highly elongated and tilted orbit that crosses the plane of the ecliptic.

The hypothesized existence of Nemesis has been invoked to explain several puzzling features of the Solar System, such as the odd orbits of some dwarf planets and comets, the periodicity of mass extinctions on Earth, and the alignment of the Sun’s six-degree axial tilt with the plane of the ecliptic.

The Nemesis theory suggests that Nemesis could have perturbed the orbits of comets in the distant Oort Cloud and sent them raining down on the inner Solar System periodically, causing catastrophic events such as the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. The proposed mechanism is that Nemesis could have induced a periodic resonance in the Oort Cloud objects, causing them to cluster and collide in a catastrophic shower every 26 million years or so.

While the Nemesis theory remains controversial and has not yet been confirmed by direct observations or simulations, it is an intriguing possibility that could shed light on the origins and dynamics of the Solar System and the role of binary stars in the universe. If Nemesis does exist, it would be a dim and elusive object that could only be detected indirectly by its gravitational influence on other objects, such as the hypothetical “Planet Nine” or the outer Kuiper Belt. Further research and observations are needed to test and refine the Nemesis hypothesis and unravel the mysteries of our cosmic neighborhood.

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