Many UFO sightings have occurred all over the earth and it’s becoming almost an everyday thing at this point.

Just 10 days ago there was a UFO sighting at a wedding in Michigan near Traverse City. There was a UFO sighting in New Jersey, Even Russel Crowe has now claimed he has seen a UFO.

Interestingly enough on November 11th in the Iberian peninsula near Spain and Portugal an interesting UFO sighting was spotted.

What was interesting about the story was that an aircraft completely full of pedestrians had to do an emergency landing on that day. This was back in 1979 when UFO’s weren’t as much of a hot topic as these stories are today. There was no sharing stories and posting videos.

This event was called the ‘Mansies event’ which then had huge ramifications in the entire country as it went all the way up to the deputy congress and it put the whole country into fear and panic as the country’s security was seen to be as in jeopardy.

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