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After the former discovery of a pyramid on the Martian soil intrigued a lot of scientists and analysts, as well as conspiracy theorists, the latest images received from the Curiosity rover have deepened this mystery even further.

It seems that a major ancient site has been uncovered this time, an entire valley of pyramids resembling those on Earth.

Could this place represent one of the former Martian settlements, or is this just another rock coincidence, as NASA scientists claim?

Before they officially announced that liquid water was been found on Mars, and that chances of finding alien life on the planet’s surface have increased, analysts studying Martian data had already speculated it for many years.

Images that were available since the mission began showed different areas looking like riverbeds or even dried out ponds. Some even ventured as far as stating they have seen a reflective material very similar to water but, before NASA makes the official announcement it doesn’t actually count, does it ?


It took a decent amount of time before they officially admitted it, even though the information was known and accepted by many analysts before that.

It is speculated that NASA is delaying the announcement of important discoveries on Mars in order to have sufficient time to analyze all the aspects and more important, to optimize the public’s reaction as much as possible.

Now, if they were making breakthrough discoveries, it would take them a few years to release the news to the public in an official manner, besides the fact that the released information might be filtered and also designed to be far less spectacular than in reality.

In other words, NASA is releasing only desired information, all the other really important discoveries remaining under a deep veil of secrecy, away from public’s eyes.

Keeping this in mind, we could be looking at a monumental discovery – an ancient pyramid site used by the former Martian civilization. Even today, it’s hard for humans to understand and build such a complex structure as the Great Pyramid, raising questions about the people who built it in an ancient time.

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Judging by the straight lines and the body of the pyramid showing precise angles, it is likely that it has been constructed by someone rather than a natural phenomenon, even if water and wind are present on the planet’s surface and are able to shape many types of terrain.

A dense layer of dust is covering the valley, along with all traces of life. Only the Great Pyramids stand as a reminder of a former alien civilization very similar to our own.

Whether an advanced alien race who built those monuments still exists in our galaxy, or if the pyramids on Mars are somehow connected to those on Earth we have yet to find out.

Until further NASA announcements about the distant Red Planet, we put our faith into the open-minded to seek the truth and share it with the world.

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