staircase in antarctica
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  1. Lia Machel says:

    This view of the staircase indicates that it is mostly covered over and
    may look like early MesoAmerican pyramid design.

    1. Catus Catus says:

      may look like… but they’re not. It’s just the Web Mercator projection at work near the poles.

  2. Catus Catus says:

    Oh, dear! You really believe this don’t you? Let me tell you something: you’re wrong. What you see there are photo artefacts.
    Explanation: The photos were taken from several satellites at different moments in time and stitched together. That stitching doesn’t mean simply putting one pictures next to another and overlapping the common parts as it would yield a strange 2-d mosaic. It follows a set of map projection rules, called Web Mercator. It is a gross approximation especially at high latitude, with lots of artefacts like black spots or your stairs. [ ] [ ]

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