Another riddle conventional science hasn’t been able to explain is time dilation. How could the measure of all things be subject to change?

In his famous twin paradox, Einstein showed that as speed increases, time itself slows down. One of two identical twins spends a year of his life in a rocket traveling at nearly the speed of light while the other remains on Earth. But when the space-faring brother returns, he is surprised to see his brother is now an old man. Is this possible?

But if reality is virtual, it means time must also be virtual. It’s an observed scientific fact that time slows down near massive celestial bodies or whenever speed increases. In QR, this is an indicator that computational power is being allocated somewhere so there aren’t enough resources to make time flow at its normal rate. Massive bodies or immense speeds require the system to ‘work harder’ so time lags behind.

Quantum realism also has an explanation for the curvature of space that occurs near celestial bodies. But how can the medium through which movement occurs curve itself? It would mean that it exists in another space, and that other space exists in another space, and so on, ad infinitum. But if the world is a virtual reality, ’empty space’ is not really empty but a processing network that is idling or a 3D surface that is capable of curving to accommodate various processes.

time space curvature

Another thing that can’t be explained is antimatter. If a proton meets an anti-proton, they will annihilate each other in a dazzling display of fireworks and with a massive energy release. But that’s not even half the story. If an electron collided into an anti-electron, the anti-electron would enter the collision traveling back through time. No-one knows why it does what it does.

But, as quantum realism posits, if matter is generated at the end of a computational process, this means it is value-based. So if you invert the value of matter, you end up with the opposite: antimatter. And if antimatter is the result of reverse processing cycles, it’s logical that it runs time backwards. But the only type of time that is reversible is virtual time.

Another couple of thorns in science’s side are dark matter and dark energy and the universe is full of them. Yes, the universe is also full of regular matter, but it is five times more full of something else, something so unexplained, scientists called it dark matter. Nobody knows what it’s made of yet it exists and also keeps galaxies together.

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If this doesn’t rattle your cage, be reminded that 70% of the entire energy in the universe is represented by dark energy, another presence we know virtually nothing about. It’s like a negative gravity that’s remained largely unchanged since time itself began. It is an apparent contradiction to the laws of physics since space itself has been expanding ever since while the strength of dark energy has not weakened one bit.

QR says that empty space isn’t really empty, it’s null processing. If space is expanding, that means new space has to be continuously added. These newly-created processing points of space would receive input but wouldn’t output anything. This is the exact behavior of dark energy, which absorbs everything but emits zilch. Quantum realism theorists predict we’ll never find any particles explaining dark matter or dark energy because such particles do not exist.

Does your mind recoil from this subject? Boggled as it may be, you should keep it in your thoughts that the standard model of physics hasn’t yet explained concepts like gravity, quantum randomness and quantum entanglement. It cannot explain neutrinos although they’re real. Well, as real as everything else.

According to quantum realism, the universe is unitary: one network and one program. But even if the physical world is created through processing, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an illusion, complete bogus. It still manifests itself in a real, tangible way. It just means there’s an underlying, unseen reality beneath our feet and it’s outputting the matrix we call reality.

Before clicking X, one more thing. Quantum realism posits that photons can collide with each other. This means that, in a vacuum, light can interact with itself, giving birth to matter. So let there be light, for that matter!