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Clear Evidence of UFO Presence Filmed During NASA’s STS-80 Mission

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ufo seen by astronaut

Another great video showing presumed UFO activity comes from the NASA Space Shuttle STS-80 mission. Many cameras are recording the activity during such a space mission in order to assure a good communication with the ground, meaning that all the recorded data is transmitted to Houston (NASA) using the orbiting satellites and this way, if…

Former NASA Engineer Tells About 9-Foot Tall Alien Meeting With ISS Astronauts

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alien meets astronaut 2

Another mysterious case of alien disclosure has emerged, this time from a former NASA employee who claims to have witnessed the most bizarre sighting. While on a routine space mission, Clark McClelland, a now-retired aerospace engineer who worked for NASA’s Shuttle Fleet at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida from 1958 to 1992, witnessed a…

ISS Live Feed is Terminated Just When a Supposed UFO Makes Its Presence Noticed

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ufo near iss

NASA was accused by UFO hunters of interrupting its live feed from the International Space Station (ISS), right after a presumed UFO made its presence noticed. Few reports from alien hunters have claimed that mysterious unidentified objects appeared on their screens when the live feed got interrupted. The following video shows how a grey object…

Valley of the Pyramids Discovered on Mars − New NASA Images Deepen the Mystery

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alien pyramid

After the former discovery of a pyramid on the Martian soil intrigued a lot of scientists and analysts, as well as conspiracy theorists, the latest images received from the Curiosity rover have deepened this mystery even further. It seems that a major ancient site has been uncovered this time, an entire valley of pyramids resembling…

MAJESTIC 12—The US’ First Top Secret Organization Concerning UFOs and ET Technology

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alien top secret file

This case shows maybe the biggest cover-up of extraterrestrial encounters in known human history. Have we been lied to all along ? Jaime Shandera was an influential Hollywood movie producer and UFO analyst. Back in 1984, he received a bizarre package from Albuquerque, New Mexico, containing an undeveloped 35 mm black and white film. What…

Artificial Intelligence—Is it TAKING OVER Humanity As We Speak?

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Alien Robot

The world will be completely changed by Artificial Intelligence later this century. But in what way? This transformation will either occur as a “soft takeoff”, where areas of society will cooperate and unify in response to accumulative AI developments, or as a “hard takeoff” in which a distinct AI project will teach humanity an unpleasant…

SOLAR WARDEN—The Classified Space Program Developed Using Alien Hi-Tech

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Solar Warden

Solar Warden is the name given to a classified space program designed to keep Earth safe against malevolent extraterrestrial forces. Such a project could have only been completed with the help of advanced alien technology provided by the aliens looking out for us. Conspiracy theorists claim it has been in existence for over 30 years,…

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