According to Thompson, people and beings there exist in a different transition of time, therefor living for thousands of years, guarded from the destructive cosmic rays and other pollutants which can be found on the surface of Earth.

He also stated that the poles had an inter-dimensional security system which allowed the advanced civilization beneath to track all activity on the surface. Because of this reason, Thompson knew that they were already waiting for his arrival, and so his mission was destined and already programmed.


Once he managed to lower himself into the opening, he would then be maneuvered – similar to Admiral’s Byrd’s journey – into an electromagnetic sphere, which would offer him protection for the rest of his journey down. This, he just knew :

I know because I know because I know…” – Dallas Thompson

Perhaps most incredibly, Dallas Thompson announced he had secured funding to travel to the North Pole in search of the hole that would lead him to the inner Earth. He wanted to descend into the center of the Earth using a modified SoloTrek personal helicopter. Thompson would cross the portal from his vision and venture into the crystal cities of Shambhala, where he would request shelter from the coming pole shift for him and his followers. The trip was scheduled for May 24, 2003.


A SoloTrek personal helicopter

Of course, Thompson had his critics and unbelievers, some of them phoned to tell their opinions about him, calling Dallas “crazy as a loon” or “manic and delusional”. Other people were more concerned about his safety, one listener wondering about the Well to Hell – the intriguing recording of atrocious screams picked up by a Russian researchers drilling a hole in Siberia.

As time passed by, rumors of Thompson’s expedition began to spread. Soon enough, he began to receive emails from media companies willing to tell his upcoming story. The book he had written, which contained his theories about the Hollow Earth, started to sell rapidly.

On December 29, 2002, two months after his appearance on Coast to Coast AM, he wrote a message on his Yahoo Group reporting a wave of over 5000 emails every couple of days. The mysterious part starts when Dallas Thompson announced that his book – Cosmic Manuscript, had become a bestseller but he was also pulling it from sale.

I have requested the book be discontinued even though it’s still at the top of the charts in Canada”

In the end, the journey to the North Pole never took place because all of a sudden, Dallas Thompson disappeared.

Some believe that he deliberately vanished with the money he obtained from the book sales, others think it was just a story, best left alone in that strange midnight over a decade ago but, we all know things are not always what they seem to be. Why would Thompson give up on his dream of reaching the Hollow Earth ? What if he was actually right and someone or something decided to stop his quest because there truly was something down there they didn’t want him to find ?