For the people present in the city at the time, nothing inside the library mattered, but to bright minds like Napoleon or future great people to follow in his footsteps, it was pure gold (it could’ve been alien technology or location, it could’ve been simple methods to subdue or pacify the world, who knows?). The reasons for arson could be:

The aliens guided him through the microchip we now know of, or by knowledge from the previous possible encounter (when first abducted at the age of 25, the aliens could’ve told him further instructions await inside the library).

Some think that he now had understanding of encoded messages inside the library and applied a burn after reading stance, either by will, because he didn’t want anyone else to ever possess this knowledge, or because the microchip or instructions he found in the books told him so, meaning the extraterrestrial civilizations used the French army as a document shredder.



After that, his army fought a vicious battle against the Mamluks and won easily due to superior tactics never before seen on a battleground. Napoleon formed massive squares made out of infantry, inside of which the valuable equipment, cannons, ammo and generals were safely shielded.

The French only lost a few hundred soldiers while the Mamluks suffered losses of over 6,000. How did he come up with this tactic in such a short notice?!

After winning the battle of the pyramids, as it was called and later pictured, Napoleon wanted to go inside the pyramids and asked to do so alone. When he came out, (soldiers waiting outside reported him being inside for hours) he was visibly shook and ordered anybody present not to speak of what happened there.

Maybe he didn’t agree with the aliens, or maybe he felt he gained knowledge that would make him invincible, because historians say it was from then on his narcissistic self-destructive path began.

Dr. Dubois might have an explanation for Napoleon’s change of heart and mind:

When we examined Bonaparte’s skull we noticed the foreign object was in close proximity and oriented towards his hippocampus—where his hippocampus would’ve been when he was alive. This suggests the microchip was implanted specifically to act upon this crucial brain structure.”


The hippocampus, as any neurologist will tell you, is a structure in our brains that governs emotions and memory processes, precisely the areas you’d want to control if you were an alien with an agenda.

UFOlogists also believe he was contacted by extraterrestrials during the Russian expedition, when many soldiers reported strange lights, resembling what we would now think of as aircraft or car lights, but everyone accounted them as hallucinations caused by starvation or severe cold.

When he arrived in Moscow and until he left, he was uncommonly quiet and calm even though things obviously didn’t go according to plan. Many think that after a possible ET encounter on the way, Napoleon changed his mind and wanted to return, but he knew provisions wouldn’t suffice for the way back, which was longer than the one left to Moscow.

Some UFOlogists say he was fighting a mental battle between his natural conquering nature and the benign ET intentions induced to him via this microscopic microchip. Even after he was completely defeated and captured, nobody had the courage to execute him or even put him in a regular prison. They had to give him a whole island with the necessary amount of servants and funding, which he governed as he saw fit.

People who have met him face to face said his presence was so powerful that they felt that something would keep them from harming him in any way even if no one else was present in the room. Some described it as an aura or an invisible armor, but many now believe these feelings were cause by energy generated from the microchip.


This energy could also have physically affected his organs because he was visibly holding his chest or left side, even in paintings, where he would disguise it as posing with a hand in his coat (kind of like a signature or a modern day gang sign).

Napoleon was a great leader, who always presented a grandiose image and never spoke of his demons, so we await the day modern science, or some God forsaken tribe can explain at least the nature or provenience of this mysterious microchip and maybe understand any information it may hold.